Monday, November 10, 2008

Surprise! Repugs' evil helped Dems win

“Without Bush and Cheney and Rove, the Democrats couldn’t have done what they did” in 2006 or 2008, observed David Rohde, a political scientist at Duke University.

This from a story in the Times this morning. Christ, what idiocy! It's like saying Without an opponent, you can't win an election. Bush and Cheney and Rove are the Republican Party--obviously that's what Obama was running against. And I hope he'll remember that and ignore all this "it's a center-right country" bull. The people finally learned what center right is and showed in the election that they don't like it. Now we need Constitutional, Progressive government so badly.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Just saying...

A lot of fundamentalist Republicans seem to be really crazy; I mean to the point of being scary; buying up guns and threatening people. Just threatening them with words so far maybe, but their kind of words can be utterly frightening, one learns from reading right-wing comments on left-wing blogs (the only kind I read). They have such hideous, crazy, cruel fantasties AND they don't ever know how to spell.

So I ask, Is there any way to influence the more rational leaders of the Republican Party to try to educate their followers about "real Americans"? Like, "Hey guys, the real Americans are all the citizens who can vote, and they've just shown who and what [to some extent] they're for. If we want to start winning again, we just might have to change our line." I know I'm dreaming, but how about the Repugs changing so much that they're to the left of the Dems and offering a real choice? And all those crazies will just be left out in the cold (with their guns, but still...). Some might even change their craziness to a different point of view. Just saying.

bloggingheads on the Times

Who ARE these people? Well, I know they're two academics, but come on. Will Obama "fall captive to liberal interest groups and the Democratic Congress?" Please. First of all, liberal interest groups are The People. Second, these particular people put him in office (by voting for him); I sure hope he does what they expect, things like a stimulus package for the economy, getting us out of Iraq, closing Guantanamo, universal health care, restoring the Constitution and all the other things I've left out but we know what they are. That's why Obama was elected: to reverse the course the Bushies put us on. I pray nightly (to the Unseen, perhaps) that he will remain our "captive" in that sense. Oh I wish the Times allowed comments to these stupid videos.