Wednesday, December 9, 2015

And now one reads about the totally bonkers Mr. Dear (ayiyi!) who killed people at a Planned Parenthood clinic the other day. We certainly do not need Islamic terrorists to terrorize. Our own white christian fuck-ups can kill innocent human beings without any problems. How dare Trump talk about  banning Muslims when he and his Repugs have been egging these people on for years. "Body parts... babies..." that's what Dear talks about. Is that any less crazy than the people who cut heads off. I hope the Repugs are happy with the audience they've created. No help for the mentally ill, and no decent education for anyone. Their followers and their boisterous cheers are clearly traitors themselves, and that's what they've been groomed for by the Repugs.

Friday, December 4, 2015

I hope these congresspeople are satisfied. Fourteen dead (probably all Democrats) at a mass shooting inspired, apparently, by ISIS. And yet, no one seems quite to understand that, although it was not done under an express order from the Caliphate, ISIS did tell people to just do it--rain death and destruction in the US, while guns were still available without background checks, on-line and at gun shows. "What are you waiting for," apparently they said. What total idiocy, and beyond idiocy into treason, it seems to me, for the Congress to do NOTHING in the face of such messages, let alone the many many unbearably many mass shootings that occur in the US. So shall we say the NRA is personally responsible for all these deaths. I think we say the entire US Congress also bears responsibility, big-time.